My name is Caitlin Hadrava and I work as the Early Interventionist for Laporte Schools!

What is an Early Interventionist?

I finished my Elementary and Math Degree in 2012 and even student taught in the Laporte school!  I then went on and continued to obtain my Masters in Early Childhood Special Education and am working to finish my EBD and ASD licenses as well!  I love working in the school setting and Laporte's community is now home to my 4 children and myself.  

I am employed by Bemidji Regional Inter-district Council (BRIC) and am lucky enough to teach in the building where my kids go!
I love also being involved in the community education and athletic opportunities!  

As an Early Interventionist, I get to work in the home and preschool setting and help parents and teaching staff how to best meet the needs of the children.  I also spend time working directly with children to grow and meet their specific needs.  More details about my role can be found in the link above :) 

Early Intervention is a great way to identify and support some small needs as early as possible so they are not missed and then lead to larger concerns later in school!
Early identification is key to the success for many of our students!

If you have concerns that your child may have a few things they are missing and just want guidance or support to ensure the developmental milestones are being met you can always reach out!

If you feel you'd like an evaluation or screening completed for your child to make sure they are developing as expected you can use the Minnesota Help Me Grow website to fill out a request!  Referrals can be completed by parents, caretakers, medical specialists, family, etc.
Help Me Grow Referral Link

If you ever have any questions or concerns you can always reach me at
218-224-2288 ext. 1041


Contact: Caitlin Hadrava
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