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Week 5    April   27         Celebrating our Earth


Every Day is Earth DayHawaii

This is a song sung by children on how we can be helpful. What are two ways you can be helpful to our earth?


We’ve Got the Whole World in our Hands

As you enjoy, try to keep a steady beat by patting your legs during chorus ( we’ve got the whole world in our hands…)


(Gr. 1-2) Music notation – whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and their rests

Please watch to remember what note values/rhythms we have talked about. After watching, draw a whole note, half note and quarter note with their matching rest. The quarter note rest is tricky to draw!



(Kindergarten) Over in the meadow

 Have fun singing this spring song!



extended activity if time allows (Grades K-2):

Every Day is Earth Day – MusicK-8

Please listen, watch and become acquainted with the words and melody of a song we hope to sing next year!



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