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Welcome to the Laporte Technology Services homepage. Here you will find information for media/technology support and resources.


Oct. 5th 2020- 6-12 students will be following our DISTANCE LEARNING PLAN

Remember: Equipment that has been assigned to you is your responsibility and must be returned in good working condition.  Please see the chart below if you are in need of a replacement.


Chromebook- Lennovo (grades 2,6,7,8) 250.00            HP 11a G6 EE- (grades 9-12) $270.

Keyboards Lennovo 49.44                                              HP 11a G6 EE- 12.00

Screens Lennovo 38.00                                                  HP 11a G6 EE- 40.80

Battery Lennovo 47.10                                                   HP 11a G6 EE - 58.61

Charger Lennovo 25.00                                                  HP 11a G6 EE- 27.00


Grade Level Assignments for Chromebooks:

K-5- Each student is assigned a HP or Lennovo (2nd graders) Chromebook for educational use.  This Chromebook is to be kept in the classroom unless we need to go to a distance learning plan in which case students will be able to bring home their device and charger.  Students will be expected to return materials in good working order prior to the end of the school year or distance learning.  


6-8 MS Students are assigned Lennovo Chromebooks that stay in their 1st hour classroom cart.  Students are able to carry their Chromebooks from class to class and must return them at the end of the day to their assigned Chromebook cart.  ***If students are following a Distance Learning Plan they will be allowed to take home a Chromebook and a charging cord.  Both pieces of equipment must be returned to the school in good working condition.

9-12 Students are given a Chromebook, charger and sleeve the first week of school.  As high school students, are responsible for their Chromebooks and may take them to and from home daily.  If a student misplaces or damages the equipment a fee to replace the equipment will be given at this time.  Students will be expected to return the equipment in the last two weeks of school in good working condition.

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