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Welcome to 4th Grade!
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Dear Fourth Graders and Parents,

I am excited to be your 4th grade teacher for the 2022-23 school year! I am writing to tell you about some things we will do in the fourth grade below I have listed supplies your child will need for the first day of school, Tuesday, September 6, 2022.  I am also looking forward to meeting you at our school Open House Wednesday, August 31, 4-7 pm.

•The theme for the year will be “Discover!” as we study the amazing world around us

•4th graders will Explore the world of ants with ant farms the first week of school

•Students will Explore the USA and maps by shaping and painting a 3D salt dough map

•We will Explore data collection and display by launching paper rockets and airplanes

We will make flat versions of ourselves (Flat Stanleys) and send them around the world

•We will study rocks, electricity and the properties of matter

Expectations of Mr. Booth: 

  • To do his best to provide a safe and calm and interesting learning environment for fourth-grade students
  • To communicate clearly with students and parents homework expectations through a weekly newsletter 
  • To answer communications from parents in a timely manner through email, phone, and online
  • To teach respectful and appropriate behaviors in school and hold students accountable 

Expectations of 4th-Grade Students: 

  • To attend school each day with a positive attitude and open mind
  • To do your best work while completing assignments on time
  • To do weekly homework assignments in math and spelling and read or be read to daily
  • To adhere to CATS: Be someone who is Caring, with a good Attitude, and a Team member + Safety.

Expectations of Parents and Guardians:

  • To support your child by encouraging your 4th grader to be respectful, curious and work hard 
  • To hold your 4th grader accountable for doing their best on school and homework assignments
  • Support your 4th grader in homework by providing a calm place to do assignments
  • To communicate with Mr. Booth either through email, Remind App, or phone calls with Q’s or concerns

Other important information for parents

  • Every Friday, a school newsletter will come home with your child and it will be made available online. PLEASE GO OVER THE NEWSLETTER WITH YOUR FOURTH GRADER EVERY WEEK! 

Homework expectations: 

  • study spelling words 5 minutes a day           ■one math assignment each week
  • read or be read to 15-20 minutes daily. 

Contact Information    Email:     Phone: 218.224.2288 x1038

    Remind App: send a text to 81010 and text the message @ef32b8

To join our 4th Grade Google Classroom 2022-23:

  1. go to Google Classroom  2.  use the code:  ro62tzk    

Scholastic Book Club Code for online ordering at DN4WH

This will be an exciting learning year! Thank you!   -Mr. Booth 


Mr. Booth’s Class Supply List for the 2022-23 

School Year
Personal items:  


□4 separate “theme notebooks”…these are bound, the pages cannot be ripped out

□1 very durable folder for papers going to and from home  □gym shoes  □scissors 

□1 backpack to be used daily to transport papers and belongings   □colored pencil set 

□ personal pencil sharpener  □highlighter  □extra eraser   □pencils to share 

□ headphones (optional) not earbuds, but small and light, like the $5 Walmart variety  

Optional classroom items, if you can help out:  

□Scotch tape to share   □pack of dry-erase markers for classroom use        

Also for the first days of school assignments:

□1 clear glass jar with lid for an ant farm  

□one summer memento (photo or object that will help you write a story about one of your best [or worst!] experiences of the summer)….some of last year’s example: rock, compass, feather      

□several photos of you, your family, pets, places you’ve been which we can use on a poster All About You.

□3 cups flour and 3 cups salt in separate zip-lock bags for your child’s salt dough map of North America (if you can provide extra bags of flour and salt for students who are unable to provide these supplies, great!!)

□we will need 24”x24” plywood squares for our maps…if anyone has some one hand, please let me know!




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