Additional Math Resources

Below are some additional math websites that make great math education resources.

  • The NCTM, or National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, is a national organization dedicated to the improvement math education instruction and education for all age groups. Their parent resource page contains hundreds of links to additional math resources, guides, and other materials to help parents understand, get involved with, and improve their child's math education.

  • Figure This is a site run by the NCTM with an assortment of mathematical problems, activities, and challenges for students.

  • Early Math is a website run by PBS offering math tips, resources, and activities for students in grades K-2.

  • The US Dept. of Education has set up this website with lots of educational resources for elementary students, including a math graph generator, a dice game probability generator, and monthly math teaser problems.

  • Dr. Math is a question and answer service for students seeking help with math questions, hosted by Drexel University. They have archived answers to thousands of common (and some not-so-common) math questions asked in elementary and high school math classes.

  • Illuminations is a site also run by the NCTM providing math activities for students in all age groups.

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