2023 Varsity Football Season

“Earned Not Given”


Things we must achieve going forward:

  1. Before we ever focus on winning we need to change our mindsets and our team culture. Our culture isn’t just about winning, it’s about becoming better young men for the present and the future outside of school. You must have a great work ethic and be responsible not only in football, but in the real world. We need to hold ourselves accountable for the work we are putting into football and having the discipline to stay consistent year around to reach our goals. Winning doesn’t just magically happen, you have to put in the work and really want it. Winning games is done in the offseason, not just during the season.
  1. Put in the work in the offseason. We must be weightlifting, agility training, and going to all of our spring/summer football camps. The athletes who are putting in the true work will be noticed exponentially come next football season. We can figure out arrangements so you are able to be present to all of this. Notifications on dates and events will be given to you throughout the school year. Learning both the offensive and defensive schemes in the offseason will also help us extremely well as we won’t have to teach positions during the first week of football. Instead, we can focus on our fundamentals, playing fast, smart, and physical. We will be having training sessions in Laporte starting January 23rd that will go year around for all athletes. Going consistently to our training program will be a huge part of our success in all sports. 
  1. We must improve our leadership. We need to step up as leaders on this team and hold each other accountable for putting in the work on and off the field. You can lead by setting an example by getting in the weight room whenever you can, attending all offseason programs, reminding teammates when everything is taking place, and giving teammates positive feedback both in season and off season.
  1. You need to want it more than the other team. A lot of this comes down to how badly do you want it? Do you want to be successful? That doesn’t just magically happen, you need to be putting in the work more than anyone else both physically and mentally. Every time you train either in the weight room or learning our playbooks you are going to battle against our competition by taking steps to better yourself even when the competition isn’t in front of your face.
  1. This is a new era of Laporte Football. The past doesn’t matter! We are focusing on the now and the future and what we can do to be the best players and versions of ourselves as we can be.
  1. Text us your phone numbers. We need to get a new football group chat going and we would like it to be over text message. Everyone interested in joining football needs to be signed up on hudl. Contact coach Ryan for the link and he will get that to you ASAP. Hudl is where you can see game film from every game we have played, learn the playbooks, and get notifications from coaches.

Coach Ryan’s number: (218) 556-3821

Coach Potters Number: (218) 360-5282

Contact: lincoln.ryan@laporte.k12.mn.us
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