The Year in Review

LHS 2009-2010 Student Council
(and their spunky advisor... Can you find her?)
At last the school year is coming to a close! The Student Council has elected new members, and they're looking back on all they have accomplished over the last year. They have been in charge of:

  • Homecoming week (and the dance)
  • the Pennies for Patients fundraiser
  • the 7-9th grade Lock-in
  • the 9-12th grade Christmas dance
  • The Ala Carte menu each week
  • March Madness week
  • The Blood Drive

    Each and every member was a huge help. Now we look forward to next year.
    Next year our President will be Edie Johnson, Vice President is Mitchel Hoffman, Webmaster is Abbie Buscher, and the Sec/Treasurer is Lilli Eastman.

  • Contact: Tina Johnson