Mary Jo Mrazek

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year! My name is Mary Jo Mrazek and I have been teaching in the primary grades in Laporte for the past 30 years. My husband's name is Tim and we have two daughters: Katie (22 years old) who is a senior at Bemidji State University and graduating with a teaching degree in early childhood education and Marci (16 years old) who is a sophomore at Bemidji High School. I like to read, spend time with my family and friends, play golf (okay...try to play golf), and go on long walks in my free time.

We will learn how to become more independent readers in second grade. We will learn a new handwriting style called DeNelian handwriting which will consist of adding 'tails' to some of our letters. Some of the things we will learn in math are: how to add and subtract 2-digit numbers with regrouping; how to create our own survey questions, interview each other and make Venn diagrams, bar graphs, and line plot graphs with the data and then find the mode, median, and range of the collected data; learn about area, circumference, and the radius of a circle; learn how to identify different shapes such as trapezoids, hexagons, triangles, and rhombi. Along with all of this, we will learn about fossils, growing plants, outer space, sign language, and speaking and reading words in Spanish, German, and Japanese. We will take field trips to the the Discovery Center and the logging camp in Grand Rapids, MN.

I am excited about the upcoming school year and meeting my new second graders. As you can see, we will learn lots of interesting things and have lots of fun, too. Remember that second grade can prove to be challenging so be sure to encourage your student's hard work and great efforts often.
Welcome back to school, Students!

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