Mr. Booth, 4th Grade Teacher
Mr. Booth, 4th Grade Teacher
This Week's Spelling Words!

I am teaching 4th grade this year and thoroughly enjoying it. Fourth graders are fun, engaged and eager to find out new things. This year's theme is "Where Am I?" as we study geography, maps, orientation and our place in Minnesota, the USA and the world.  I am heading up the National Geography Bee at Laporte School and hope to inspire my class and classes up through 8th grade to learn more about the planet they live on. 

I have taught at Laporte School for 24 years and have taught first, second, third, fourth and fifth grades here. I taught for one year in England (2004-05) on a Fulbright Teacher Exchange. I have a Masters of Science degree in Education and Curriculum. I have coached cross country running at Laporte and am currently coaching Speech.

My wife Kristi is director of Minnesota Public Radio for northern Minnesota and I have a 21 year old son, Jack, who is a junior at Concordia College, Moorhead, and will be in Spain this winter and spring on a Spanish and Int'l Studies Program.  My 24 year old daughter Erin is student teaching in a Spanish-only classroom in Minneapolis and will have her Masters in Elementary Education and teaching degree in May.

I grew up at Cry of the Loon Lodge on Kabekona lake, I live on Evergreen Lake, I love to canoe in the Boundary Waters and cross-country ski. I coach cross-country running and speech at Laporte. I run nearly every day and have completed 10 marathons. I love to read and I am currently reading historical fiction about the American West. ;  218 224-2288 x138