All about me
I teach Business, Computer Applications and Science. I am also the BPA advisor.
Come see me for School to Work information as well. I have a degree in Marketing from Oklahoma City University and a secondary education Life Science degree from Bemidji State University.
I can be reached at (218)- 224-2288 ext 124.
Computer Applications
Students will become familiar with Microsoft Office software such as Powerpoint and Excel. They will produce things like web pages, brochures, magazine covers and menus. They will also learn how to create and use database tables and spreadsheets. They will create and show Powerpoint presentations. This is a ½ year course.
This course will give students an understanding of the basic accounting principles used in business and personal finance.
7th grade Life Science
This is a full year course that is a study of all living things. The course covers things such as cells and cell processes, classifying life, the human body and diseases.
Business Law
Students will study micro.macro, and global economics. They will also learn business organization and competition.