Distance Learning Plan-Miss Lemcke’s Week 4


Messages to parents and students will be conveyed via the school website and through email and/or phone.  Work does not need to be returned, however, parents/guardians will NEED to email or call me each day letting me know your child has finished some of their work for that day, not every activity needs to be completed, so that attendance can be taken.  


Love from Miss. Lemcke
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Morning Meeting:

Greet a member of your family with a Iggly Giggly Bumblebee greeting.

Then read the morning message together:


Good Morning, Kindergarten!

     Today is the week of April 20th. You will receive a packet next week that will contain the work you are doing for the last 3 weeks before school is out. You will be completing work in math, reading, writing/journaling and science/social studies. Some of you will have assignments for reading and math from Mrs. Dierkhising that you can do.  Remember to check the school website. You can do assignments each day in no particular order just as long as you do some of them. Remember to be patient with the adult or sibling that is helping you. This is new to them so please practice CATS. Remember to limit your computer time. When you are asked to log off the computer by the adult in your home, part of CATS is following those directions.


Miss Lemcke

Calendar Math

Look at a calendar. What day of the week is it? Say or Sing the days of the week song and months of the year.

  1. What is the day, month, date, and year? 

  2. Write the numbers that come right before and after. 

  3. Make tally marks to show the date.

  4. Use coins to add up to the date. Example: March 30 you could use 3 dimes or 2 dimes and 2 nickels. 

Independent Reading/Writing Time



  1. Spend 20 minutes doing Read to Self or Read to Someone

  2. Do 10  minutes of Work on Writing in your journal, Include the date on your entries. 

Mrs. D Music

Mrs. Moss

Phy. Ed.

Mrs. Dierkhising Reading

Spend 20 minutes working on IXL.  I have highlighted some skills for you to work on.

Mrs. Dierkhising Math

Spend 20 minutes working on IXL.  I have highlighted some skills for you to work on.

Mrs. Townsdin Art




     Practice-The Xx sound.  Find things in your house that have the ks sound.

     Read-”Max” decodeable

     Write- Write a story about how you feel today.  Illustrate your writing with a beautiful picture.

     Do-Worksheet pg 333/334



     Practice-Rhyming with x words:  rhyme around with your family: six, ax, ox

    Read-”Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”

     Write-Write a question that you have about the story and how you could solve it.

    Do-Worksheets 337/338



     Practice-Using notecards or pieces of paper, write down CVC words like: cat, set, not, pig, rip, bed.  Cut the words apart and saying the sounds try and figure out the different words. Challenge yourself by scrambling the letters up and trying to recreate all of the words again.

     Read- Blanket read the book of your choosing.  Pull a blanket over your head and use a flashlight to enjoy your story.

     Write-A plan for your family to follow to stay safe.  It can be while driving in a car, flying on a plane, riding in a boat, etc.

     Do-Worksheets 341/342



     Practice-Pass a beanbag or stuffed animal around to family members and say a word that begins with a certain letter: Jj, Ww, Ss, Qq, Dd, etc.

     Read- “Mayday Mayday”

     Write-What do emergency workers like firefighters or police use for transportation?  Draw a picture.

     Do-Worksheets 343/344



     Practice-Write down sight words on cards and play memory match with them.

     Read-Go online and listen to : “The tortoise and the hare”

     Write-.Write or draw a fable of your own.  Choose an animal and what problem they will get into.  Have a solution for their problem.

     Do-Classifying things that will sink or float on a piece of paper.


Sight Words for the week: Color words


Vocabulary Words for the week:rescue, pilot, sailor, yacht, mechanic, shimmering

Websites to try out with your child for additional reading:


Go outside and play for at least 30 minutes (weather permitting)

Week 1: Chapter 14:Time


Monday:Worksheet Lesson 13.6 and Chapter 13 Test

Tuesday:Worksheet Lesson 14.1

-Find things in your home that are cylinders and label them with paper or sticky notes.

Wednesday:Worksheet Lesson 14.2

-Pick 1 of the teen numbers and draw that many clouds, label them with numbers.

Thursday:Worksheet Lesson 14.3

-Pick one of the numbers between 20-30.  Write that number 10 times and then crab walk that many steps..

Friday:Worksheet Lesson 14.4

-Find all of the things in your home that are shaped like spheres: take pictures with your phone or draw it on paper.


Do ST Math for 30 minutes daily.

Find math games to play on IXL, mobymax, schoology, etc.

Peel the Banana:


Counting by 2:


Counting by 5:


Counting by 10:


Choice Time

Have fun! Play in the snow or play inside, but remember to BE SAFE, RESPECTFUL and WELCOMING!


Science/Soc. St.

Closing Circle Time:

  1. Talk with your family about:

    1. What went well today?

    2. What are you trying to get better at?

    3. What are you excited about for tomorrow?

      Websites for the Spec. Ed. Teachers:


      Mr. Matt's Special Ed. Distance Learning Page


      Mr. Biel's Special Ed. Distance Learning Page 


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