“Genius is one-percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

1. Daily assignments, class participation, and the overall quality of your notebook will account for 30% of your grade. Tests and quizzes account for the other 70%.
2. Daily work receives consideration for full credit when it is submitted at the designated time. You will be permitted 2 late assignments per quarter for full credit. Any additional late assignments will not receive credit. A tardy counts as a late assignment.
3. Grades are computed as follows: 90% - 100% A’s 80% - 89% B’s
70% - 79% C’s 60% - 69% D’s
below 60% F
4. You will be granted two days in which to complete make-up work for each day of excused absence. Work submitted after the allotted time will be considered late and subject to the late assignment policies in #2.

NEED EXTRA HELP? Let’s get together after school, 3:20 – 4:10. See me to arrange a day that works for both of us.

Contact: John Henningsgaard