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 Today is Monday, September 14th, 2020


TODAY’S LUNCH: Cheeseburger on a Bun, Coleslaw, Fruit and Milk 

TUESDAY’S BREAKFAST: Coffee Cake, Cheese Stick, Fruit, Juice and Milk 

TUESDAY’S LUNCH: Italian Dunkers with Meat Sauce, Romaine Salad, Fruit and Milk 



  1.  Reminder that Fall volleyball football training will start training today. Football training is for grades 9th through 12th and volleyball training is for grades 8th through 12th. Volleyball will start at 2:30 and football will start at 3:45.  

  2. You are not allowed to wear hats or wear your hoods up during school. The only time you may wear a hat is on Fridays if you purchase a hat sticker from Mrs. Johannes.

  3. Students who drive:  You need to practice safety and caution when leaving the parking lot. You need to drive slowly when exiting.  There are always people walking and crossing the street before and after school.  

  4. If you need to leave the building for any reason other than going to shop class, you need an escort.  Do not make trips out to your vehicles without a staff member escorting you.  

  5. We will be starting the PBIS tickets this week.  Remember that if you are given a ticket, bring it to the ticket box in the office with your name on it.  We will have a drawing for prizes every two weeks.  

  6. If you do not want a hanging lock on your locker, you need to bring it back to the office and turn it in to Megan.  


The Wildcat Pledge:  As a Laporte Wildcat, I Care,  I control my Attitude,  I am part of a Team, I practice Safety


         STAFF GONE:

Mary H. gone