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 News Article

 Today is Monday, December 2nd, 2019


TODAY’S LUNCH:  Sloppy Joes, Tater Tots, Fresh Fruit and Salad Bar   

TUESDAY’S BREAKFAST:   Cinnamon Roll, Hard Boiled Egg, Fruit, Juice and Milk  

TUESDAY’S LUNCH:  Pork Roast, Hashbrown Bake, Vegetable, Dinner Roll, Fresh Fruit and Salad Bar     


The Wildcat Pledge:  As a Laporte Wildcat, I Care,  I control my Attitude,  I am part of a Team, I practice Safety. 

  1. Any High School 9th-12th graders interested in doing the One Act Play, please see Ms. Lemcke after school today.  

  2. Please stand as we recite the Pledge of Alllegiance. 




Krystal W. in for Cathleen S.

Keely gone

Barb gone until noon 



1. Kathy Scott will be out for 2 weeks.  She will be back on December 10th. 

2. Reminder that we will play Secret Santa during the week of Dec. 16-20th.