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Laporte Public School
315 Main St. W
Laporte MN 56461
Phone: (218) 224-2288
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 News Article

 Today is Tuesday, October 8th, 2019


TODAY’S LUNCH: Italian Dunkers with Meat Sauce, Vegetable, Fresh Fruit and Salad Bar  

WEDNESDAY’S BREAKFAST:  Cat paws, Fresh Fruit, Juice and Milk                      

WEDNESDAY’S LUNCH:  Chicken Ranch Wrap, Vegetable, Fresh Fruit, and Salad Bar 


The Wildcat Pledge:  As a Laporte Wildcat, I Care,  I control my Attitude,  I am part of a Team, I practice Safety.

  1. Please turn in your Church release time forms!  Release time starts this

  2. Students 6th-12th grades- Please make sure you are only using the chromebook assigned to you.  Please remember that you MUST return your chomebook at the end of the day to assigned cart

  3. A friendly reminder that our school doesn’t allow you to wear hats, hoods, or coats in the building from 8:25 to 3:20. Please store those in your locker or vehicle or they will stay with the adult who asks you to remove them. Additionally, carrying backpacks and blankets is not permitted. These should stay in your locker as well. 

  4. Apple Crunch Day is October 10th at noon!  We will meet in the commons and take a bite together at the same time.  

  5. Student Council meeting today at 11:45 in Shinabargar’s room.   


       STAFF GONE:

Dalek K. gone

Connie B. in for LouAnn.

Barb gone until noon 

Breeanna M. gone at 12