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 News Article
Important Information Regarding School Calendar Changes
Please Note:
  • The dates for the Holiday Break have been changed due to MN Statute. The statute states that NewYear's Day, when on a Sunday, must be observed the following Monday therefore we will not have school MONDAY, JANUARY 2.
  • We will make up this day on FRIDAY, MARCH 3 which had been a day off on the school calendar.
Change in Transportation Procedure:
  • In the PM parents will have a choice of a primary and a secondary drop off spot. The parents will need to fill out a form in the fall or whenever they enroll their child indicating a primary and a secondary choice. The school will drop off the child at the primary location EVERY DAY unless we receive a dated and signed note by 12:00pm  the day of the change.
  • Emails and phone calls WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • The parents always have the choice to come and pick up their child. If another adult is picking up their child we again need a dated and signed note to the school office prior to or no later than 12:00pm the day of the change.
  • This policy has been approved by the School Board and will go into effect on TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2017.
Author: techhelp   E-Mail: techhelp@laporte.k12.mn.us