Laporte is EXCITED about our new Chromebooks issued to 9-12th grades
 HS Students,

I hope you are doing well and navigating distance learning with your new chromebooks!:)

I wanted to remind you that the chromebook, chromebook C charger, and sleeve that was given to you Friday, Sept. 11th is your responsibility.  As HS students you are given your materials the first week of school and then are to return them the last week of school in good working condition. 

It is important that you do not misplace or damage  the school equipment assigned to you.  If you should lose the equipment you will have to pay a replacement fee for the item lost.

IF you lose a charger: You will have to give payment of $30.00 to the office to get another charger.  This "new" charger will have to be turned in at the end of the year with the chromebook and the sleeve to replace the one to you Sept. 11th.

IF you lose or damage your chromebook:  The replacement fee for lost hp chromebook 11A g6 ee is $279.00.  In order to receive another you will need to pay the replacement fee and we can order you a new one.

If you lose your sleeve:  the replacement fee will be 10.00

Please contact me with any questions concerning your equipment.  Thanks and happy studying!


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