Welcome to Laporte Elementary MUSIC distance learning!

Music is 3 days a week. You are welcome to enjoy as much as you would like!  Have fun!  Mrs. D.

WEEK 1  Grades k-3  Make an instrument  1. Empty, clean and dry clear bottle 2. Add 2-4  tsp uncooked rice, unpopped popcorn,beads or buttons. Put lid on tightly and secure with tape.  Decorate if you wish ???? Shake to your favorite songs!

ENJOY this short Youtube song video on spring!

Kindergarten + Move and Sing a song!

Fred the Moose ( The Learning Station)-Song with movement

H E A R T song – to the tune of BINGO

-Song with clapping

Grades K-1-2  My Favorite Things sing along. Grades 1-2 please watch, listen, sing and become familiar with. Kindergarten please sing.  Have fun!

Other Sound of Music Songs:

So Long, Farewell

Lonely Goatherd

Sound of Music


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