Student Council Constitution

Mission Statement

We, the students of Laporte Public School, hereby establish this constitution to create a fun, active, positive, and engaged community school. 


The Student Council has the right to organize activities, represent the views of students, and suggest improvements for school life. We will coordinate and maintain a close relationship with all school sponsored student organizations.  The principal has the final approval of all events and activities.  

Student Council Expectations 

  1. Promote school spirit 

  2. Plan school-wide events 

  3. Hosting community activities 

  4. Adequately represent the voice of the student body 


President Roles 

  1. To serve as the lead spokesperson of student council 

  2. To attend school and community meetings upon invitation 

  3. Handle responsibilities on behalf of the student council, and appropriately delegate tasks to members.  

  4. Correspond with National Student Council Board 

  5. To come to all meetings with a prepared agenda 

  6. Will act as treasurer 


Student Council Member Expectations 

  1. To attend all scheduled meetings which will be at 7:45-8:15 AM every Thursday morning 

  2. More than five excused absences may require an evaluation of membership 

    1. Must tell advisors prior to meeting date

    2. Chronic tardiness to meetings may require an evaluation of membership 

  3. Unexcused absence will require immediate evaluation 

  4. Required to follow all MSHSL regulations 

    1. Failure to adhere to these regulations will require an appeal with the advisors 

    2. If regulations are not met, council members will not be allowed at meetings and events till their improvement plan has been met 

  5. Must attend and participate in all planned events from beginning to end 


Election Procedures 

Any 6th-12th grade student interested may run for student council. There will be a cap of no more than two students per grade level.

  1. Grandfather clause; for current members of the 2024 class is allowed 4 members if current members reapply year by year 

Every April/May current members and those interested in being on the council will be required to meet the following criteria to be on the ballot: 

  1. Complete an Application Packet (ask advisors for this!) 

    1. Parent/Personal commitment signature

    2. Recommendation from all core classroom teachers

    3. Personal statements 

  2. When applications are turned in by the due date, advisors will select no more than 5 candidates from each grade level to be on the ballot

    1. If there are 2 or less applications for a grade level, elections will not be necessary 

  3. Ballots will be printed and put out for voting

  4. Students will vote for their top two candidates for their grade level

  5. When the ballots are counted the new members will be announced. 

  6. Each grade, regardless of size, is equally represented by two students.

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