We recognize and celebrate the Elementary students evey two weeks in an Achievements Assembly. Students are given certificates for their achievements and recognized for perfect attendance with a sticker at the bi-monthly assemblies. It's also at this time that drawings for prizes occur. Students can earn the chance for prizes by recieving  Golden Tickets when they show exemplary efforts in CARING, ATTITUDE, TEAMWORK, AND SAFETY.  Additionally, students are awarded a 90% attendance certificate at the end of each quarter. 

The Middle School and High School students are celebrated through a Golden Ticket drawing too. They are also awarded a certificate for 90% attendance and one for behavior when they have less than three behavior referrals in a quarter. Additionally, the MS and HS students are recognized each week through Friday Club. Friday Club allows students to choose where they spend the last hour of the week (Board Games, Robotics, Cooking, Art, etc.) if they have not received more than three minor behavior referrals or no major referrals for the week.