Fluoride Mouth-Rinsing Program

Since September of 1979, Laporte School has offered to all students, kindergarten through sixth grade, a fluoride mouth-rinsing program to prevent dental decay. This simple method of applying fluoride has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in controlling tooth decay. Participants rinse their mouths in school with a 0.2% neutral sodium fluoride solution for one minute each school week under supervision. The solution is not swallowed.

The Minnesota Department of Health has recommended the voluntary fluoride mouth rinse program for all rural Minnesota school children. Children in rural areas do not have fluoridated water. (Generally only those who are on a city water supply receive fluoridated water.)

This project is very important to the oral health of your child. There is no contraindication to utilizing this program if your child is already receiving fluoride at home. Participation is entirely voluntary and is offered without cost to you. This preventative program, however, should not take place of regular dental care by your dentist or proper home care.

Due to the fact that fluoride is more effective in reducing decay when used over a long period of time, you will note the slip gives permission for the entire school year. A signature will be required for each school year. This will be presented on the Emergency Contact form that is also required on a yearly basis. (A written note to the elementary principal can withdraw your child from this program at any time.)

Contact: Jessica Kampfer RN, BS, PHN