Medication Policies

Over the counter
  • *All medication must be supplied by the parent/guardian. Minnesota law prohibits schools dispensing "stock" medications to students.
  • *Student doses will be given appropriate for age/weight unless written a written order from a physician is received.
  • *The OTC form can be filled out in the office or by printing it off of the "Forms" tab to your left
  • *Medications are not to be sent via backpacks in our best attempts to keep all students safe
  • *All medicaitons needs to come in their original container, sealed and with the students name on it
  • *High school students will be allowed to self-carry and self-administer pain relieving or fever reducing medications if the appropriate form has been signed by a parent, the student and the nurse. This form can also be found under the "Forms" tab to your left. This applies only for pain and fever medications and not to any other type of medication.

  • *The appropriate form must be filled out and signed by parent and the prescribing DR will be faxed for their order & signature
  • *Medication is NOT to be sent via backpack to ensure all students safety
  • *The Rx form can be found in the RN office or under the "Forms" tab to your left.
  • *Emergency medication such as Epi Pen & Inhalers can be kept with High School students as long as the required form has been filled out by parent, student, RN, and DR. This form can be found in the RN office or under the "Forms" tab to your left.

Contact: Brianna Sanders