Immunization Requirements

The Laporte Public School District enforces the 2013 Minnesota Statue 121A.15 "Health Standards; Immunizations; School Children". Students enrolling in our school district will be required to provide the school district with an up-to-date immunization record at the time of registration. This record must contain minimum Minnesota school immunization requirements according to age/grade. Failure to do so will result in not allowing the student to enroll. If you choose to not vaccinate your student due to medical reasons or personal beliefs a immunization waiver must be filled out, signed & notarized. This will be kept in their health file in the RN office. You may print the form off from the "forms" tab to your left or you may come into the office and fill it out. Please know that Barb and Karri in the office can notarize forms.
Birth-4yrs & Preschool 5yrs-6yrs (Kindergarten) 7yrs-11yrs (1st-6th Grd) 12yrs & Up (7th-12th grade)
Hepatitis A x2 Hepatitis B x3 Hepatitis B x3 Hepatitis B x3
Hepatitis B x3 DTaP x5 DTaP x3 Tdap x1
DTaP x4 Polio x4 Polio x3 Polio x3
Polio x3 MMR x2 MMR x2 MMR x1
MMR x1 Varicella x2 Varicella x2 Meningococcal x1 at 12yr & x1 at 16yr
Hib x1     Varicella x2
Pneumococcal x4      
Varicella x1      

*Please refer to the following link for more detailed information about when/what your student needs their vaccines:
*Please refer to the following link with any questions about the regulations at which the LPS district is held at by the State of Minnesota.

Contact: Brianna Sanders