Math is also fun. Many students give up because they think it is too hard and many parents give up because it “isn’t the math they grew up with”. True, it isn’t the math we grew up with but it is the math our students need in the world they will grow up in. We are preparing Laporte students for their future, not our past.

Any skill we learn takes practice and math is no exception. Your student needs to practice math skills they same way they practice reading, basketball or driving. How do you do this as parents? Remember, you do not have to know how to do the math, you just have to encourage and provide time and space for them to do their math. Here are some simple suggestions:

• Give your student a quiet place to study, every night
• Have a set time for homework.
• Encourage and praise their efforts, they will improve their learning ability in a positive environment
• Demonstrate the use of Math; use real life examples to teach math to your student. Children can learn a lot from every day examples. Simply ask them to calculate the money you have to pay for groceries. Try multiplying the number of cars of two different colors.
• Real Life Math. Explain to your student how they can use math to solve their problems. They should understand that math is not about using simple arithmetic skills like addition and subtraction; it is much more than that. Go beyond the daily assignments to explore and solve every day problems.
• Get them to talk! Tell your child to solve their math problems by talking about the correct steps. This will allow you to monitor what he or she is thinking. You can detect the problem areas while your student is talking his/her way through the steps.
• Use Computers. Today's children are much more familiar with computers than their parents were at the same age. There are many computer games that involve the use of math skills. Senior students may be interested to learn about spreadsheets and calendars to improve their mathematics.
• Talk to Teachers. Parents and Teachers should communicate with each other on a frequent basis. Parents can play an essential role in improving their children's performance by regularly communicating with the teachers.

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